TEKLEEN Automatic Filters: Water Filters for Enhanced Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness

TEKLEEN Automatic Filters: Water Filters for Enhanced Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness

Daniel Flanick, Manager, TEKLEEN Automatic FiltersGideon Brunn, CEO
The pulp and paper (P&P) industry is undoubtedly one of the largest water users in the U.S. industrial landscape, requiring up to 10,000 gallons of water every day. And, as this vast amount of water comes from the adjacent rivers and lakes, the sludge and debris from the source often clog the filtration systems and cause extensive maintenance downtimes.

A case in point would be the Minnesota paper mill, whose main water supply comes from the Mississippi River. Although the paper mill had a conventional filtration system, the constant clogging often forced the company to conduct expensive maintenance cycles on the water filtration and other plant equipment. Moreover, the production had to be paused every time the filter was under maintenance, which greatly hindered the productivity of the company — until they switched to TEKLEEN Automatic Filters.

The paper mill company installed four state-of-the-art TEKLEEN® automatic water filters with 150-micron stainless steel screens to trap any kind of debris dredged up from the river. Every time dirt particles gathered at the filters, they would automatically get flushed out, eliminating the need for extensive maintenance and downtimes. Alongside this, since the sintered mesh screen filters also came at reasonable costs, it opened up the paper mill to significant cost-savings.

Today, the company is able to effectively treat and filter the water even before it is distributed throughout the plant. When asked to share their experience with TEKLEEN filters, the production specialist at the paper mill summed it up with a single response: “Reduction in water usage, ease of maintenance, simple design, reasonable cost, and enhanced cleaning efficiency; this is what TEKLEEN has to offer.”

The ‘Magic’ Behind TEKLEEN Automatic Filters

The true success of the company’s filters lies in its self-cleaning technology. This technology was brought forth by Gideon Brunn 35 years ago, when he founded the company. Today, banking on this innovative filtration system, TEKLEEN Automatic Filters has sold over 25,000 filters across the globe to various industrial and irrigation applications, including several Fortune 500 companies. However, achieving this massive feat would not have been possible without the backing of TEKLEEN Automatic Filters’ network of highly-trained professionals, who are ready to provide support to its clients 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

“Today, a major problem faced by companies in the pulp and paper industry is the contamination of water by airborne dust, algae, paper fines, and pipe scales,” says Daniel Flanick, manager at TEKLEEN Automatic Filters.

Our self-cleaning water filters are the ultimate solution wherever dirty water is the problem

These smaller contaminants can escape conventional filtration systems and circulate through heat exchangers and chillers, thereby significantly reducing the performance of the equipment. The particles, sometimes, even travel up to the spray nozzles on the paper production equipment and clog them, which not only compromises the quality of the final product (paper) but also results in unscheduled maintenance shutdowns and production losses.

The most notable contribution by Tekleen is in white water filtration. Until now, organizations have faced significant challenges in this segment. The white water fibers often staple on to screen meshes, making the cleaning process extremely difficult. But with Tekleen’s wedge wire screens, clients can easily overcome this issue. The specialized filters leverage an aggressive point of suction to pull out any white water fibers and prevent them from stapling onto the slotted screens. In fact, this is the only known method that works the best when it comes to tackling the challenge of white water fibers.

“Our self-cleaning water filters are the ultimate solution wherever dirty water is the problem,” mentions Flanick. Indeed, TEKLEEN’s filters are at the helm of industrial water-filtration application today, boosted by their superior versatility and flexibility. The screens of the filtration system is made up of unique material (slotted wedge wire) to prevent the contaminants from flowing into crucial equipment. More notably, every time the dirt particles collect on the screens, the line pressure drops at the filter, and a backwash cycle is activated. The suction created at the vacuum nozzles aggressively pulls the dirt from the inside of the screen and flushes it off, ensuring that only clean water enters the plant. And as all this is done on the run, there is minimal to no maintenance downtime, which subsequently translates to greater productivity and eliminates unnecessary labor costs.

Taking Giant Strides into the Future

Despite the wrench thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic into the overall industrial environment, the pulp and paper sector is still steadily growing, and TEKLEEN is helping them focus on what matters the most—enhanced productivity and cost-cutting. TEKLEEN works every hour of the day to help its clients sail smoothly through the turbulent waters of the pandemic. Even if the client requirement exceeds TEKLEEN’s inventory stock, the company delivers the requisite product to its clients as soon as possible. Moreover, since all its engineering operations are conducted in-house, the company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to product quality.

Moving forward on its trail of innovation, TEKLEEN is continually empowering industrial facilities worldwide with its cutting-edge technologies. The company is helping clients enhance their facilities by providing them with the best filtration systems the market has to offer. As demand for its self-cleaning technology increases, TEKLEEN will slowly widen its footprint around the world, powered by a truly invested team. “We take pride in making things simple for our clients, and we will continue helping them whenever they encounter new water filtration challenges,” concludes Flanick.

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TEKLEEN Automatic Filters

TEKLEEN Automatic Filters

Los Angeles, CA

Gideon Brunn, CEO

TEKLEEN Automatic Filters develops cutting-edge automatic, self-cleaning filters for industrial and irrigation filtration systems. Founded 35 years ago by Gideon Brunn, the company has sold over 25,000 filters across the globe to various industrial and irrigation applications, even featuring several Fortune 500 companies. Today, the company caters to the clients’ water filtration challenges through its highly trained network of professionals who are ready to provide support 24 hours a day and seven days a week