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Top 10 Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Solution Companies - 2021

The pulp and paper industry has so far adapted to the changes that have occurred in recent years and is continuing to thrive. And, at present, many new and interesting trends are disrupting the industry.

On that front, big data is one of the leading trends in the pulp and paper industry. It is helping the companies to optimize the results of production, marketing and sales. Many other innovative technologies, such as intelligent systems and connected devices, are also proving their mettle in terms of supercharging pulp and paper production process and improve outcomes. These smart-systems can also assess the condition and quality of pulp and paper products.

Alongside the technological trends, there are many environmental trends that are now coming to prominence. Many consumers around the world are now more concerned about sustainability. As a result, manufacturers are looking for alternatives to petroleum-based products and identifying options that are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. There is also an increase in consumer interest in recyclable products. In past, there has been a challenge in that some products contained coatings that were waterproof and problematic for recycling. Now, the recent innovations in coating material are pushing the envelope for protective coatings that are recyclable and it’s a trend that will further develop in 2021 and beyond.

At this juncture, many cutting-edge paper and pulp manufacturing solutions and service providers are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the pulp and paper sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of the top pulp and paper manufacturing solution and service companies. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’, “Top 10 Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Solution Companies

  • AFT


    AFT is a global supplier serving customers in many key markets (pulp and paper, food, mineral) with advanced components, capital equipment and system optimization services

  • Offers expert process safety consulting, testing, software, and laboratory tools for characterizing and mitigating reactive chemical and explosion hazards, along with engineering and testing services supporting industrial, electrical, and nuclear safety

  • Fulghum Industries provides equipment and services to the forest product industry, including log handling cranes, debarkers, and wood chippers, enhancing operations of sawmills and pulp & paper mills. Fulghum Log Cranes have a historical average of 98% uptime, which equates to higher production on the mill’s back end. They have also improved their safety features, including easier access to the maintenance areas, state-of-the-art controls that protect the crane from overloading the grapple, and a new operator's cab with more space, greater visibility, and a more ergonomic chair for comfort. Today, they have emerged as one of the best companies for rendering forest products machinery

  • TEKLEEN Automatic Filters develops cutting-edge automatic, self-cleaning filters for industrial and irrigation filtration systems. Founded 35 years ago by Gideon Brunn, the company has sold over 25,000 filters across the globe to various industrial and irrigation applications, even featuring several Fortune 500 companies. Today, the company caters to the clients’ water filtration challenges through its highly trained network of professionals who are ready to provide support 24 hours a day and seven days a week

  • Vulcan Drying Systems offers custom-built equipment for drying, calcining, and thermal desorption processes. The robust Vulcan Drying Systems Pulp and Paper Residuals Dryer is custom-designed and manufactured to improve a customer's individual drying needs, whether it be reducing mass for transportation or preparing the waste stream for alternate use. These drying systems are designed specifically to dry each customer's product to their desired output moisture content range. With Vulcan Drying Systems Pulp and Paper Residuals Dryer, customers can not only reduce costs but also create a product for beneficial reuse, such as filler for bedding and other industries

  • Aurora Specialty Chemistries

    Aurora Specialty Chemistries

    Aurora Specialty Chemistries is a primary producer of acrylamide monomer and producer of water soluble polymers. This allows Aurora to be aggressively priced with respect to polyacrylamide polymer production. As a single source manufacturer, we serve all aspects of the water treatment industry. Our diverse product line positions our company as a leading source supplier to a variety of industries. ASC is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. Our mission is to broaden our business horizons in the international business arena. We plan to accomplish this goal by expanding our product lines and develop a distribution network encompassing all industrialized continents. Incorporating international partners along with our own personnel provides the necessary resources to accomplish our mission. Aurora Specialty Chemistries was founded in 1982. ASC brought an alternative to the specialty chemical industry. We offer all the advantages that the major companies in our industry have, plus an advantage to our customers that none of our competitors offer

  • Bio Organic Catalyst

    Bio Organic Catalyst

    Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. produces a line of proprietary product compositions, based upon its unique patented broad spectrum catalytic biochemistry, that establishes an entirely new platform technology for the chemical industry. The Bio-Organic Seal of Safety is our commitment to offering the highest bio-aquatic safety on the market today. Our products are not only completely safe and non-toxic, but offer a new model for green chemistry that improves the ecological health of ecosystems

  • Komax Systems

    Komax Systems

    Since 1973 Komax Systems, Inc. has led the industry in static mixing technology offering a diverse range of Static Mixers, Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters, and Heat Exchangers. With more than three hundred combined years of fluids-mixing experience, the Komax design team has applied Komax technology to a technical base of over one hundred thousand installations world wide. At Komax, we are continuously developing new solutions to mixing challenges. To date, we have developed technologies that have resulted in over 40 mixing and heat transfer patents. This background allows us to provide solutions to your most challenging mixing and heat transfer application. This background allows us to provide solutions to your most challenging mixing and heat transfer application

  • Powell Engineering

    Powell Engineering

    At Powell Engineering, Inc. each machine is custom built to the customer's needs and specific run profile. The machines are mated to new equipment as well as retrofit applications. Our unwinds are designed to increase production while improving worker safety. The Models EP, EP Junior and XH utilize the exclusive Eccentric Pivot™ floor pickup design. Many options and variations of the base designs are available

  • Sonoco Products Company

    Sonoco Products Company

    Sonoco is a global supplier of innovative packaging solutions, bringing more to packaging than just the package. Sonoco is the world's largest producer of paperboard containers, and a leading manufacturer of tubes and cores; convenience closures; consumer and industrial thermoformed plastic packaging; engineered molded and extruded plastic products; protective, temperature and retail assurance packaging