Top 10 Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Service/Consulting Companies - 2020
Precision Roll Grinders (PRG): Better Performance And Longer Life From Rolls

Top 10 Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Service/Consulting Companies - 2020

The pulp and paper industry is embracing advanced technology solutions to maximize its efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment. With rampant innovations taking place through research and development, the industry is witnessing tremendous challenges and opportunities. To elaborate, higher production costs and stringent environmental compliance requirements are compelling firms in the space to streamline the manufacturing process.

Walking in lockstep with the evolving industry developments and compliance regulations, technology solution providers in the pulp and paper manufacturing arena are investing in dynamic and intelligence-driven solutions to solve the existing operational challenges. With the emergence of digitally-driven machinery and equipment, solution providers are aiming to bring offerings that align with the modern demands of the manufacturers and other players in the industry. Besides the rich industry experience and expertise, they bring an analytical approach to modernize the processes and streamline the workflow for enhanced transparency and accountability. In addition to digitalizing the frontend of the company’s business processes, the providers are also keenly working on digitally transforming the backend processes. The resulting enhanced capabilities will help the industry players excel at carrying out risk management and due diligence.

That said, customer experience design is crucial for any industry today. To that end, the modern solution providers in the pulp and paper industry are devising new strategies to aid their clients in redefining the customer experience and enhance business prospects.

This edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights brings to you companies that are providing cutting-edge pulp and paper manufacturing solutions. Backed by several innovative solutions, services, and client success stories, these companies are continually proving their abilities in various markets. We hope this issue helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to drive success.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Service/Consulting Companies - 2020.”

    Top Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Service/Consulting Companies

  • Founded three lead scientists, Dr. Hans Fauske, Dr. Michael Grolmes, and Dr. Robert Henry, from the Argonne National Lab by Fauske & Associates, LLC (FAI) provides factories expert, custom, full-service safety testing, engineering, analytics, consulting, and training solutions. FAI’s services include combustible dust testing, onsite hazards assessments, OSHA and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliance assistance, audit preparation, training, ignition source evaluation, and vent sizing calculations. Another key area of competency for FAI is nuclear process safety where it provides services related to the custom reactive chemical as well as thermal hazards, relief valve sizing, process scale-up, relief system design, flammability, process hazards analysis (PHA), and process safety management (PSM)

  • PRG is a large roll and cylindrical shaft grinding company. The company's precision grinding, inspection, and repair services Improve the precision and profitability of critical manufacturing, industrial, and power generation processes. Apart from economical benefits, PRG offers grind tolerances that nobody else in the Americas or Asia Pacific can grind. Additionally, the company also improves roll life, besides enhancing the efficiency of the machine. While different rolls and applications in other industries may experience slightly different run-times, clients report outstanding results with PRG's services

  • American Fiber Services

    American Fiber Services

    American Fiber Services (AFS) is a marketing and purchasing service provider for the pulp and paper industry. It is a joint venture partner of Essity North America, where Essity North America maintains a fifty percent equity interest in AFS. Management of multi-mill recovered paper procurement, virgin pulp sales, and distribution, paper mill operations, recycling plant operations, major asset purchasing (recycling equipment, paper making equipment, balers, conveyors, and air systems), procurement and supply management are some of the business’s key offerings. AFS also services Material Recovery Facilities and other industries, and that generates non-paper recyclable materials

  • Doug Sweet & Associates

    Doug Sweet & Associates

    Following a career of 25 years designing and selling Nash vacuum systems for paper machines, the business made a move from sales and service into process optimization. Thus Doug Sweet and Associates was formed in 2001. The firm has after that was involved with over 350 system studies. Doug Sweet & Associates’ goal has been to take the equipment and processes which the mill already has in place and propose modifications to improve the vacuum system performance, with minimal cost to the mill. Today, the enterprise functions as a consulting firm specializing in vacuum system optimization, design, and process troubleshooting

  • Jackson & Jackson Industrial Contractors

    Jackson & Jackson Industrial Contractors

    Backing over 20 years of experience, Jackson & Jackson Industrial Contractors specializes in mechanical maintenance and fabrication services. The business is committed to becoming the regional leader premier provider in uncompromised service and support for the papermaking industry and the petroleum, gas, and chemical industries in an effort to be more productive and efficient in maintenance, construction, and equipment repair. Jackson & Jackson aims at achieving the goal by aggressively competing for the business while maintaining superior service and commitment to job quality at an affordable cost

  • MTR Martco

    MTR Martco

    Established in 1967, MTR Martco supplies stock-prep technologies, upgrades and optimization services, rebuilds, and spare parts for the pulp and paper industry. The business is dedicated to providing quality products and services at competitive prices. The team at MTR believes in establishing a long term relationship with its customers. Some of the products offered by the firm include pulpers, pulpers spare parts and drives, detrashing systems, screens, screens, extraction plates, vacuum pumps, roll splitters, high-density cleaners, and others

  • Northstar Pulp & Paper Company

    Northstar Pulp & Paper Company

    Northstar Pulp & Paper is a full-service recycling and trash hauling company with a century’s worth of experience in assisting businesses to reduce their waste stream and develop innovative recycling programs. Their business is based in Springfield, Massachusetts, prides itself in being the only recycling company in New England that has the ability to fully process and market every grade of paper, plastic, and metal. Northstar will continue to develop new markets and to make significant investments capital investments to ensure that they can succeed in their mission to provide the best service possible to their supplier base

  • Paper and Dust Pros

    Paper and Dust Pros

    Founded in 1992, Paper and Dust Pros Grandview is a privately held company. Paper and Dust Pros deal with Trim Collection Systems, Material Handling Blowers, Dust Collection, APS (Air Product Separator), Filter Systems, Scrap Collection, and Smoke Collection. The company provides design and installation of Dust collection systems - paper dust, wood dust, shredder dust, fiber dust, powder, document destruction, paper converting, recycling centers, etc. Scrap collection - paper trim, corrugated scrap, box trim, container scrap, folding cartons Smoke collection - welding smoke, mist collection, exhaust, fumes, etc. Material handling systems, fans, duct work, cyclones, air product separators (APS), filters and Filter systems - Farr, Torit, Donaldson, bag house filters, cartridge filters, hanging bag filters, cyclone, etc

  • Triosim Corporation

    Triosim Corporation

    Triosim is a diverse network of companies with broad knowledge and expertise in pulp, paper, and other industries. The Triosim network continues to grow – adding services and equipment to continue to serve many customers. From alignment to manufacturing, welding, and fabrication – their services are broad, precise, and unmatched. Established in 2015, the company is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin. The companies serve several industries, including Paper & Pulp, Manufacturing, Steel, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Non-woven, Plastics, Marine, and many more. Their skilled and experienced team of people works diligently to reduce the burden on their partners, so they can more effectively run their business

  • Western Machine Works

    Western Machine Works

    Based in Portland, Oregon, Western Machine Works has been providing repair, manufacturing, and engineering services to the Western United States and Canada since 1985. Western Machine Works is a privately held company which is specialized in Manufacture, Engineering, Pulp and Paper, Wind Turbines, Industrial Repairs, Marine, General Heavy Industries, Wind Turbine, and Machine Shop. WMW is committed to producing the highest quality workmanship and engineered solutions to ensure maximum asset reliability for its customers. Their 34,000 square foot manufacturing facility and massive lifting capability can handle virtually any machine or engineering challenge